Monday, January 16, 2006

Haahnster reacts to his rediscovery of RE-AC-TOR

The 2nd installment of the "I heard Mr. Young sing
about her" files.

Current selection: RE-AC-TOR (1981)

I regard this as the quintessential "Godfather of
Grunge" record. If records were candy bars, this one
would be a "Chunky".

Brief tune-by-tune recap:

"Opera Star" - delightfully heavy "You were born to
rock/You'll never be an opera star"
"Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze" - an absolute dream of
pure distortion and foot-stomping pleasure
"T-Bone" - 9+ minute workout; Neil's salute to early
80s economic recession. The only lyrics are "Got
mashed potatoes/Ain't got no T-Bone" repeated many,
many times. Sure works for me!
"Get Back On It" - a piano appears in this
straight-ahead rocker "It's too late for General
Custer/Too late for Robert E. Lee/But I'll get back on
the highway/Before it's too late for me"
"Southern Pacific" - Neil represents the working man
and decries forced retirements
"Motor City" - Neil buys American "There's already too
many Datsuns..." (Datsun no longer exists as a
brand...more evidence of Neil's powers)
"Rapid Transit" - Neil "hangs ten" with a grunge twist
"Shots" - Clocking in at over 7 minutes, this one is
an absolute noise-fest. I literally had a movement in
my shorts. This song is in-your-face EXCELLENT!!! It
actually gives "Hey Hey, My My" a run for its money as
the ultimate Neil grunge tune.

Bottom line: This album RULES! I think it has recently
been re-issued in CD format. Do whatever you must.
Your life will be soooo much fuller if this album is a
part of it.


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