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"Kids Don't Follow" Plus Seven

STINK (1982) was a mini-LP released very soon after the debut LP from The Replacements, SORRY MA, FORGOT TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH. The way the band name and title are presented, The Replacements Stink, is a fine example of the band's self-deprecating humor, even from its infancy. Stated plainly, these guys had about the perfect amount of "We don't really give a fuck" in their attitude. It's certainly endearing to me.

STINK is 15 minutes of pure, joyous noise. It's somewhat akin to hard-core, but fast & loose...I just call it "rock and roll", baby. Heck, there's a harmonica on the song "White and Lazy"! Maybe The Stones' Exile On Main St played at 78 speed would get you close? But, maybe I just think that because The Replacements were drunk all the time...

Track listing:
Kids Don't Follow − 2:50
Fuck School −1:26 *
Stuck in the Middle − 1:48 *
God Damn Job − 1:19
White and Lazy − 2:06
Dope Smokin' Moron − 1:31 *
Go − 2:29
Gimme Noise − 1:41 *

All songs written by Westerberg except * by Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars.

Paul Westerberg - vocals, guitar
Bob Stinson - lead guitar
Tommy Stinson - bass
Chris Mars - drums

The Replacements recorded this record at Blackberry Way, Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 13, 1982 and it was released on June 24, 1982. So, before you dismiss songs such as "Fuck School" and "God Damn Job", remember these were young guys in 1982. Somebody had to write and record these songs. And, these were just the guys to do it perfectly.

Check out the AllMusic review...

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
"Following quick on the heels of the group's debut, the Stink EP takes the loud-hard-fast attitude of Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash to the extreme, mistakenly giving the impression that the Replacements were a hardcore band. Even though the EP isn't much more than clamor, it's better clamor than before — the band doesn't sound tighter, but their noise is more galvanizing and a handful of songs ('Kids Don't Follow', 'Fuck School', 'God Damn Job') suggest Paul Westerberg is improving as a songwriter."
[Haahnster says: Seems fairly positive to me, considering the only 2.5 (out of 5) star rating!]

Let's check in with "The Dean":

Robert Christgau “Dean of American Rock Critics”

Stink [Twin/Tone, 1982]

"They're young and they're snotty. They think fast and short but play it too loose for hardcore. And they make getting pissed off sound both funny and fun, which is always the idea. Tunes emerge from the locomotion, sometimes attached to titles like 'Fuck School', 'God Damn Job', 'White and Lazy', and 'Dope Smokin' Moron', sometimes not--usually it doesn't matter all that much. They even have their lyrical moments. A-

"A-"...that's more like it. And, when I'm in the right mood, make it a big, fat A+ !!!


Blogger rabidt said...

Since it wasn't mentioned in the reviews, I'll just add that "Go" is a fantastic song, with incredible, throat-ripping vocals and some inspired wailing by Bob Stinson.

The A+ is not out of line. I enjoy the first 2 records just as much as the more praised later works. Nothing post Bob Stinson does much for me. I read an interview with Westerberg a couple years ago where he said he never really liked Bob's playing. So, I guess Westerberg's music now sounds more like what he wanted all along? When I read that, I gave up hope that he would return to form. I'm glad he got stuck with Bob for a while - the combination of Westerberg's songs and vocals with Bob's unhinged guitar was incredibly potent.

11:40 AM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger haahnster said...

Wow! That's shocking from Westerberg...maybe there's a personal axe to grind, there(?)

I mean, I give Westerberg all the credit in the world for being the creative force (e.g., writing most of the songs, cool vocals, and solid 2nd guitar). BUT, those songs would've been NAKED (1st word that came to mind, EMPTY was the 2nd) without Bob Stinson's lead guitar!

Among my favorite movie soundtracks of all time is SINGLES. Westerberg contributed two solo songs ("Dyslexic Heart" and I forget the other one...) that are nice enough pop-rock songs with clever enough lyrics. But, they cetainly don't hold up against Bob Stinson-era 'Mats!!!

PS - I just picked up a used CD copy of TIM...fucking great!

12:02 PM, April 19, 2006  

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