Monday, January 16, 2006

Sand in your crack, and other risks ON THE BEACH

The 3rd installment of the "I heard Mr. Young sing
about her" files.

Current selection: ON THE BEACH (1974)

It turns out, Neil can play some blues and
blues-influenced rock.

Brief tune-by-tune recap:

"Walk On" - Genuine Neil Young classic! Great rock 'n
roll tune. "I hear some people/Been talkin' me
down/Bring up my name/Pass it round/They don't
mention/The happy times/They do their thing/I do
mine"...possibly Neil responding somewhat amicably to
"Sweet Home Alabama"?
"See the Sky About to Rain" - Slower tune in which
Neil reverts a bit to his country influences
"Revolution Blues" - Neil does some rockin' while
singing of gunning people down. David Crosby credited
on rhythm guitar, not that anyone would notice (or
"For the Turnstiles" - GREAT bluesy acoustic jam. Some
darn fine banjo pickin' and angry vocals, both by Neil
"Vampire Blues" - Sounds like some solid 60s/70s
electric blues. Neil plays a little lead guitar that
highlights just how underrated his guitar work is.
"On the Beach" - 7+ minute title track is slow &
bluesy. Once again, Neil plays him some guitar, if I
do say so my damn self. Graham Nash credited on the
"Wurlitzer Piano" (again, far from the highlight; as
always, Neil towers above Crosby, Stills & Nash)
"Motion Pictures" - Slow & soft, but with incredible
slide guitar work by guest Rusty Kershaw. Neil sings,
strums acoustic guitar, and plays harmonica. Damned
fine song in my humble opinion.
"Ambulance Blues" - Nearly 9 minutes, acoustic, and
very interesting lyrically..."You're all just pissin'
in the wind..."

Bottom line: If you don't have it, you should get it.
If you have it, you should keep it!!!


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