Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bob Dylan, Rolling Stone and Windows XP

Well, the good news is my "upgrade" to Windows XP at work has "successfully completed". The bad news is I'm still sorting out which software programs did not make the transition. So far, the biggest is my "CFE Exam Prep". CFE stands for Certified Fraud Examiner, and it is a certification that has been deemed required by the Vice President in charge of my division at work. The beauty is the software measures how many practice questions you've correctly answered AND the time you have spent doing so. Not only must you successfully answer all the questions, you must also register 50 hours of study time. So, yes, the software can be reinstalled. But, no, none of the time or questions I have already registered can be recovered. Back to square one. Oh well, it's not like I was that close to done or anything. Oh, and it's also not like my annual review is scheduled for next Tuesday. Oops, there's one requirement down the shithole...

By the way, I'm currently listening to Another Side Of Bob Dylan, which I was surprised to see did NOT make the RS Top 500. Wow! I expected it to be lower than his other early LPs. But, I didn't expect it to be all the way out of the "Top 500". I'm sorry, are there truly 500 albums better than an album that includes "All I Really Want To Do", "Chimes Of Freedom", "My Back Pages", and "It Ain't Me Babe"? Hell, the song "Motorpsycho Nitemare" is on right now. It perfectly anticipates "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" from Bringing It All Back Home, albeit in simpler, acoustic fashion.

A commenter a while back had inquired here about "Love And Theft", which I was ashamed to admit I did not have. After my recent trip to Chicago, I can now say I do have it (a most fortuitous find in a used bin for $6.99). I was going to post on that next. Now, it’ll have to wait until after Another Side…!!!

By the way, here are the Bob albums that did make the RS "Top 500" list:

4) Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan)
9) Blonde on Blonde (Bob Dylan)
16) Blood on the Tracks (Bob Dylan)
31) Bringing It All Back Home (Bob Dylan)
97) The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan)
174) Desire (Bob Dylan)
291) The Basement Tapes (Bob Dylan and The Band)
301) John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan)
408) Time Out of Mind (Bob Dylan)

467) "Love and Theft" (Bob Dylan)

Gotta run...work disasters beckon.


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