Friday, July 21, 2006

Coming Attractions...

Just to let you know, beginning this weekend, it's all requests, all the time* at HH!!!

1st up, I am going to Clerks II tonight at 9:30PM central time. Blog post to follow...(Thanks to JM at "Assassination Bureau" for the final bit of 'encouragement', and the handsome promo picture, complete with incorrect date.)

Then, next week, I'm joining "A Cup Of Coffey" for GUILTY PLEASURES WEEK:

Monday: TV
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Movies
Thursday: Books
Friday: Free-for-all

Enjoy your Friday evening.

* Haahnster reserves the right to honor only those requests he damned well pleases. Further, Haahnster may in fact wish to post on something not heretofore requested. In such cases, Haahnster will falsely claim to have received a request for such items. The opinions expressed here DO reflect those of Haahnster, unless they don't, in which case you are free to submit a kiss on this ass, baby. You are free to reproduce, retransmit or otherwise disseminate any of this shit without express written consent from Bud Selig and the other incompetent cocks at Major League Baseball. PEACE!


Blogger Beth said...

Yeah! The Haahnster's going to see Clerks II this weekend! So am I, so we'll have to compare thoughts and notes.

YEAH!!! The Haahnster's going to play along with Guilty Pleasures week! Can't wait to see who out-geeks whom!!!

2:51 AM, July 22, 2006  

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