Friday, March 17, 2006

Day One Damage Report

"A record 8 teams from the Big East"...blah, blah, blah. 1st of all, they have SIXTEEN teams in the conference!!!! 2nd, they're dropping like flies...0-3 yesterday. Admittedly, their bigger guns are playing today, including # 1 seeds UConn & 'Nova. Still, gimme a freakin' break with the "record 8 teams" bullshit, please!!!!

OK, so I got mixed up a bit on my # 12 over # 5 calls. I got Montana over Nevada correct. However, I had Utah St over Washington...incorrect. On the other hand, I had # 5 Syracuse over # 12 Texas A&M...wrong again. (Here, I mistakenly thought that Syracuse was a hot team, based on their "amazing" run through the F-ckin' "great" Big East tournament...meaningless, especially since McNamara has a pulled pud.)

Early session yesterday, I was 8 for 8. Later games, I was 4 for 8. So, for Day One, I was 12-4 picking games. The four teams I lost were Utah St., Iona, UNC-Wilmington, and Syracuse. I cannot freakin' believe that UNC-Wilmington, playing so close to home, blew an 18-point lead...that sucked! Anyway, of the 4, the only one I had in the Sweet 16 was Syracuse, and I had them losing to Duke there. All in all, I'd categorize the damage as "controllable".

There's only one # 5 vs. # 12 match-up left, Pitt vs. Kent St. I've got Pitt winning. However, if Kent St. pulls the upset, I pledge to blare "Ohio" at full volume 12 times in a row, in their honor.

IU can breathe again now!!! Talk about pulling one out of your collective ass...

Oh, and the Air Force can go back to defending this great country of ours, now that they don't have to worry about hoops any more (I...L...L...................I...N...I, baby!!!)


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