Friday, March 17, 2006

Do IU Fans Really Want This Guy?

OK, so Indiana was thoroughly outplayed for most of last night's game. At least they found a way to win in the end. To what degree Mike Davis deserves any credit is open to debate, I suppose.

HOWEVER, after Iowa's PATHETIC display of 17-point-lead-blowing (and just "blowing" in general) today against mighty Northwestern State (!), does anyone out there really want Steve Alford? Is that the best Indiana can do? Keep in mind, as an Illinois fan, I have no vested interest in this. Either way (Iowa or Indiana), Alford's coaching at a conference rival. I can't get rid of his disgusting mug regardless. Thus, I believe I am thinking about this with the type of pure logic only possible through total emotional detachment. ALFORD SUCKS!!! I have it on deep background from an unnamed source close to the situation that Alford molests barnyard animals.

Worst of all, the guy can't coach. End of story. So, go ahead, Indiana. Hire Alford, thereby confining yourselves to certain mediocrity for the duration of his head coaching tenure...(OK, you're right. I lied about the "total emotional detachment" part. I had Iowa in the Sweet 16, g-dd-mmit!!! At least I got Bucknell & Ohio St right so far today. I won't even talk about how glad I am that I went against my initial gut feel and changed my pick from Arizona to Wisconsin...smooooooth one on my part, since the cheeseheads came soooo close to winning. What the f-ck is wrong with these Big Ten bastards?!)


Blogger Macky OlĂ© said...

Please, god, do not hire Alford. I think the athletic director is shying away from this option because he realizes that it has very potent potential to polarize Hoosier nation. A lot of people want him (those who don't bother to look at his rather paltry resume, lack of recruiting skill, etc) and other people know that he's an OK, not great, coach.

No, Hoosier fans need a guy:

1. with no Indiana connections. this avoids built-in expectations
2. who can yell at his players, teach solid defense
3. who can handle the media, and is not afraid to take responsibility for the failures of his team.

Our guy should be John Calipari from Memphis. He is sooo the man.

11:57 AM, March 21, 2006  

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