Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ELVIS--Still Worth More Dead Than I Am Alive

Elvis is Forbes' richest dead celebrity
Click here for more.

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Blogger Beth said...

That's where my cash is going ...

4:12 PM, October 30, 2007  
Blogger Dale said...

Shouldn't you be singing Happy Birthday to Neil Young right about now?

5:25 PM, November 12, 2007  
Blogger Beth said...

Where you be, Haahnster-san?

9:52 AM, November 16, 2007  
Blogger Keith Kennedy said...

Dude, where are you???

11:41 PM, November 24, 2007  
Blogger Beth said...

I'm beginning to think Haahnster will be 2008's Richest Dead Celeb.

10:25 AM, November 27, 2007  
Blogger Grant Miller said...


4:58 PM, November 27, 2007  

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