Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day Two Damage: How Extensive?

The numbers are too depressing to recite, and yet I'm happy. How can that be? Because a # 13 seed from my hometown, Bradley University, just handed Bill Self (traitor to Illini-nation) his 2nd Annual 1st-Round Upset Defeat...f-cking BEAUTIFUL!!! Now, don't get me wrong, Bill Self will end up recruiting his way to a national title. I.e., he will amass so much talent in one place at one time that even his complete strategic ineptitude will not be able to hold the team back. But, let's be honest, the guy couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag, to bastardize an old expression.

Anyway, let's see...Duke, Texas, Memphis, Gonzaga, UCLA, UConn, Illinois, UNC (big scare last night as well), Wichita St, 'Nova, B.C., Florida & Ohio St...So, 13 of my Sweet 16 (and all 8 of my Elite 8) are still alive after round 1. That's not too bad, I suppose. And, when you lose a pick in as wonderful a way as that Bradley upset of Kansas, that's just the beauty of March Madness!!!! (Underachieving Team of the Year Award goes to Michigan, you guys were PITIFUL last night, and CBS made me watch almost every stinkin' minute.)

PS - My high school alma mater, (Peoria) Richwoods is in the state semifinals today...good luck Knights!!!!


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