Thursday, May 18, 2006


I searched for "Gone Fishin", hoping to find a semi-humorous cartoon. Instead, after wading through all the crap on the horrible 1997 movie of that title, I found this interesting piece of SRV's history. Apparently, it's a recording of a show from New York in 1986, with some bonus tracks from Austin in 1983. It's an interesting looking 2-CD set.

OK, that was a neat little sidebar. Here's the deal:

I'M OFF TO THE WINDY CITY!!! Eleventh Dream Day, live at the Empty Bottle tonight...the new album ROCKS...this should be SWEEEEEEEET!!!

I'll get back to the album reviews soon. It's been a nice break this last couple weeks, after the nearly one-a-day pace since January. This little road trip should be the reinvigoration needed..."Just what the doctor ordered," as 'they' say.


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