Friday, July 14, 2006

Top 10 List

Two of the things I love to do on Haahnster's Hallucinations are #1. Rip on other people's lists, and #2. publish lists of my own. In that spirit, I give you

Haahnster's Top 10 Top X Lists:

10. The Top 7
9. The Top 9
8. The Top 6
7. The Top 8
6. The Top 4
5. The Top 3
4. The Top 2
3. The Top 1
2. The Top 5
1. The Top 10

I mean, "Top 7"? C'mon, that's simply weird. "Top 9" is weird, too. But, if you're just leaving 1 spot open for others to fill in to make a "Top 10", maybe that could be cool. No, on second thought, that sucks too. "Top 6" just means you couldn't narrow it to a "Top 5", which means you are incapable of making a final decision. [Exception: A clearly stated "Top 5" with a 6th as "sixth man", "alternate", or "1st substitute" is an acceptable example of decision-making.] A "Top 8" is not as bad, especially if it is set up as an "Elite 8" play-off scenario, and worked down to an ultimate "champion". Likewise, a "Top 4" as "Final 4" scenario can be at least as good, probably even better than "Top 8".

"Top 3" saves me time, as I have to read less justification of what's on there, which frees me up sooner to get right down to ripping the list to shreds for what was omitted. "Top 2" is pretty sweet, especially when used to compare and contrast in detail exactly why #1 was #1, and #2 was only #2.

"Top 5" and "Top 10" are the ultimate list formats. "Top 5" is really good when you're in a hurry, or when the category is a bit esoteric. However, the "Top 10" rules, because there's ALWAYS argument after argument just waiting to happen upon publication of a "Top 10" list.


Blogger JM said...

I like Top 20 as that gives me enough ammo to argue any point. Sometimes a Top 10 is too small to build up a head of steam.

3:32 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger haahnster said...

Oops, I totally forgot the Top 20! Actually, I thought about it. But, it would've blown the beautiful symmetry of a Top 10 of each option between 1 and 10.

However, let me say that, as an avid fan of college hoops in the '80s, I was *not* happy when the weekly Top 20 was expanded into a Top 25. Not one bit happy at all.

I cannot even begin to express how much more I liked the Top 20 than the Top 25.

3:41 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger Beth said...

I think you gave Top 6 a short shrift. "Six" works with "sex." It was the name of Blossom's best friend. It has that beautiful symmetry in its shape. It's an upside-down 9. I'd put Top 6 at #3. Let Top 1 reside toward the bottom for once.

Otherwise, you done good, Haahnster.

4:06 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger mat said...

at least you refrained from "Top 40"!

5:13 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger JM said...

What about 12, or 15? Is this subject dependent or an overall concept?

I like the ring to Top 15?

6:11 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger haahnster said...

Beth: I see you are passionate about six. I respect that. Still, I must say my preference for 5 over 6 remains quite strong.

Mat: "Top 40" has almost never been my bag, which you know, which is why I got a good grin out of your comment.

JM: The entire post was designed to illustrate the mystical powers of "the list". I happened to get a momentary whim to make it the Top 10 of lists between 1 & 10 in length. I wanted to lend weight to my theory that lists are inherently interesting. While this is not exactly scientific proof, I think it reinforces my basic suspicions.

6:44 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger JM said...

What do you mean that this is not "exactly scientiic proof"? If Beth, Mat and I have weighed in I think it makes it very scientific and conclusive as well, kinda.

7:04 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger Beth said...

JM is right. We are, after all bloggers. We know all. Thus, scientific proof exists.

7:34 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger haahnster said...

OK, scientific it is! I have proven it.

7:51 PM, July 14, 2006  

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