Monday, August 20, 2007

Should Be A ROCKER!!! (Dammit!)


NY Times, August 16, 2007

Continuing a tradition that goes back to 1969, Neil Young played his latest recording for Reprise yesterday. The recording was played for about 100 people in Burbank. Produced by "The Volume Dealers," NY and Niko Bolas, the recording runs 60+ minutes and includes two giant songs that time in at 18:30 and 13:00, respectively. Drawing from three songs written previously, and 7 new songs, the latest Neil Young is a very diverse recording. A release date is unknown at this time. The title is Chrome Dreams II.
Chrome Dreams is a legendary NY album from 1977 that had originally been scheduled for release but was shelved. The original cover for Chrome Dreams was created by Neil's long-time producer and friend, the late David Briggs. Unfortunately, all original documentation and art for this album was lost in a fire that destroyed Neil's Malibu home in early 1978.

[NOTE: "NY Times" as in Neil's website, not the New York Times--which ironically might've made it MORE reliable, in Haahnster's opinion!]

Rumor has it that one of the "previously written" songs is "Ordinary People", the unreleased Bluenotes-era monster and fan favorite! Neil, PLEASE, you can still release the Archives!!! I swear it'll work. New material AND the Archives...



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May even be a "sedan delivery".

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