Friday, May 23, 2008

German Accident

This is not for the weak hearted.

Gut Wrenching.......... Picture of a horrible highway accident in Germany

The picture may be kind of hard to take for some of you If you look closely you can see what appear to be some survivors of the accident still in the wreckage.

Although the picture is quite graphic, it makes you realize how quickly our loved ones can be taken from us.

My friend stayed on the scene to help, and even though he performed mouth to mouth on quite a few of them, none apparently survived.

Thanks to Mat

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush & Golf: Olbermann Kicks Ass, Takes Names

Monday, May 12, 2008

Neil Young Spider?!!!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) - Iconic singer and songwriter Neil Young has had an honor bestowed upon him that is not received by many musicians -- his own spider.
An East Carolina University biologist, Jason Bond, discovered a new species of trapdoor spider and opted to call the arachnid after his favorite musician, Canadian Neil Young, naming it Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi.

"There are rather strict rules about how you name new species," Bond said in a statement.
"As long as these rules are followed you can give a new species just about any name you please. With regards to Neil Young, I really enjoy his music and have had a great appreciation of him as an activist for peace and justice."

Young, 62, is a veteran rock musician who rose to fame in the 1960s with the band Buffalo Springfield and later became a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, whose 1970 release "Deja Vu" has become a classic rock album.

The singer/songwriter, whose solo work ranges from older albums such as "Harvest" to newer CDs like "Living with War," has long been an activist for social and anti-war causes.

Bond discovered the new spider species in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 2007. He said spiders in the trapdoor genus, who tend to live in burrows and build trap doors to seal off their living quarters, are distinguished from one species to the next on the basis of differences in genitalia.
He confirmed through the spider's DNA that the Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi is an identifiable, separate species of spider within the trapdoor genus.

Young is not the first musician to have a creature named after him. A species of beetle that looks as if it is wearing a tuxedo -- the whirligig beetle, or Orectochilus orbisonorum -- was named earlier this year after the late rock 'n' roll legend Roy Orbison and his widow Barbara.

(Writing by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Now, the report is out that HRC has loaned her campaign another $6.4 million in the last month.

PLEASE tell me it can/will be confirmed that her "$10 million raised in 24 hours" was actually only $3.6 million, plus $6.4 million of her own money!!!

"It's over. It's ... all ... oh-vahh ..."

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Don't Call It A Comeback

I'll readily admit I rather enjoyed watching Obama have a damned good night last night.

I'm just wondering how long the new media narrative [Cue the old Howard Cosell tape: "It's over. It's ... all ... oh-vahh ..."] will hold. Just how much earth will HRC have to scorch before people realize she isn't going to do ANYTHING gracefully?

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Open Letter To Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Dude, shut up.

Thanks and regards,