Monday, March 20, 2006

It's All About BC and Memphis, BABY!!!

Well, I've officially given up on my pick'em pool. I'm not even sure how badly I'm doing, because every time I try to look at the damned thing I hear whistles in my head (I think Illinois just picked up their 157th team foul...Washington is now shooting 5 free throws for each...the little known "quintuple bonus" rule).

So, now I'm down to my other office pool...the infamous "luck of the draw" pool. 8 people pledge $20 each, and everybody gets a #1 or #2, then a #3 or #4, etc. until each person has 8 teams. Memphis, B.C., and Texas A&M earned me back $1 each for 1st round games. Then, Memphis and B.C. earned me another $2 each for the 2nd round. So, I'm $13 in the hole, but I have 2 teams in the Sweet 16 (games are $4 each, and Regional Finals are $6 each). So, GO MEMPHIS TIGERS and B.C. EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, go Bradley Braves, too! Amazing. (Of course, if Bradley beats Memphis, my chances of making money on the pool are greatly diminshed. But, it'd be worth it.) Interesting side note: none of last year's Final Four made it out of the 2nd round (Louisville didn't make the field, Michigan St lost in the 1st round, Illinois and North Carolina both lost in the 2nd round). March Madness, baby!

PS - Congratulations to the Richwoods Knights...2nd in the Illinois Class AA State Finals!


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