Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Worst Fears Confirmed...

I am a curse! It was confirmed last night, but I decided to sleep on it to be sure. Well, I'm awake again, and more certain than ever: I am a curse!!!

Just the mere fact that I had Memphis in my "luck of the draw" pool was enough to cause them to shoot a meager 31.5% from the field, including an astonishingly low 11.8% (2 of 17) from 3-point range! Clearly, I am a curse. Or, it could've been UCLA's defense. But, it wasn't. It was ME!!!!!!! [Haahnster hangs his head in shame]

Oh, also, LSU, one of the teams I picked to be upset in Round 1 (because it didn't matter, because Duke was going to beat them anyway), has advanced to the Final Four. See, the curse even works in reverse. (Uh huh huh huh...that rhymed, Beavis. Heh heh heh heh heh...what's "rhymed", Butthead?)

"Please take my advice" DON'T listen to my picks. My wife's right. I enjoy the tournament more when I do NOT have money on it...


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