Saturday, March 25, 2006

"How Does It Feel To Be On Your Own With No Direction Home..."

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You/Gonna Slap You Right In The Face

Strange how "what goes around comes around." When Washington beat Illinois in the 2nd round, 67-64, Washington shot 39 free throws to the Illini's 11. Brian Randle fouled out, while Augustine, Pruitt, and McBride each finished with 4 fouls. Many have said that the officiating changed the complexion of that game.

Fast forward to the Sweet 16. Man, did Washington have to cash that check, or what?! UConn shot 47 free throws to Washington's 23. Four (not 1, 2 or 3, but 4) of Washington's players fouled out, including their star, Brandon Roy. Worse yet, Roy spent several key minutes in the 2nd half on the bench with 4 fouls due to a ridiculously quick-whistled double-technical on he and UConn's Rudy Gay.

And, then there was the goaltending call that was not to be. In OT, with Washington down by 1 point, Roy drove in and put up a floater from about 8 feet on the right wing, near the baseline. It was swatted away, CLEARLY on its way down toward the hoop. No whistle. UConn saves, and heads the other way, still up 1, instead of down 1. UNBELIEVABLE!

And yet, as with the Illinois game, where the Illini still had plenty of opportunity to win, Washington never should have let it get that far. With precious little time left in regulation, pseudo-albino, Mike Jensen committed his 5th foul on a UConn lay-up, but without fouling hard enough to stop the shot. Ultimate sin. The free throw was converted for a 3-point play. Without that point, the dramatic, game-tying 3-pointer by UConn's Rashad Anderson likely never happens, or almost certainly DOES NOT TIE THE GAME. Hence, there would've been no OT, and thus no missed goaltending call. Bonehead of the Tournament nomination for Jensen (and with that ridiculous hair color, I'd say he's the frontrunner to win such an award).

Like the song says, "And, we all shine on/Like the moon/And the stars/And the sun..."


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