Friday, March 24, 2006

'Nova is "Bad News" (Neil Young) for B.C.

What an amazing game! Of course, I needed B.C. to hold on to help my "luck-of-the-draw" pool, but oh well...

That's the breaks. How they let 'Nova run that good an out-of-bounds play that late in OT, I'll never know. Gotta love the college game!
Luckily, I have Neil Young ("Archives Be Damned 2000", Disc 3) blaring while I watch. NEVER listen to Billy Packer! His ass-hole-ishness will rub off on you. Man, the bluesy stuff here (unreleased Blue Notes and Booker T songs) just RULE!!! Neil wails on the blues guitar. "Separate Ways", "Bad News", "Walking After Midnight", etc. If I knew how to upload music. I'd do it. EVERYONE should hear these songs!!!!!


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