Friday, March 31, 2006

The Next Album I'm Going To Buy

Yes, I know. I should already HAVE this album! It's hard to believe I don't, being the big fan of noisy guitars that I am. Radiohead's THE BENDS (1995) was released during a time when I was no longer buying as much music as I had previously, in my younger years.

Anyway, I'm listening to it right now ("My Iron Lung" just finished), courtesy of this bit of genius (streaming audio for almost all of Rolling Stone Magazine's "Top 500 Albums" -- THE BENDS is # 110). This is too cool. I'm LOVING this album, and I will be BUYING it very soon (today, perhaps).

Anyway, more on this album later, maybe. Right now, I just wanted to make people aware of this streaming audio's availability.

UPDATE: I went out at lunch and bought THE BENDS on CD at the local record store right across the river. I've got the Beach Boys' PET SOUNDS (# 2 on the RS list) streaming right now...use that link above! It' a good opportunity to check out some stuff you haven't heard (or, haven't heard in a long time).


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