Friday, August 11, 2006

STOP...Haahnster Time

Thanks again for the comments, oh my lovelies. It's been one helluva week, fo' sho'. Poor little Emily is still "under the weather," as they say. I feel especially helpless watching her struggle with this illness.

Oh, by the way, thanks to Dale for the "Please, Haahnster, Don't Hurt 'em" comment. Clearly, that was the inspiration for the otherwise completely irrelevant title to this particular post.

Capote. Saw it. Loved it. Philip Seymour Hoffman rules. One word of caution, though: the film is not a substitute for reading the book, In Cold Blood. Read the book. It is a masterpiece. The film then makes a fantastic follow-up.

Speaking of authors who happen to be gay, I've been reading some John Cheever lately. So, let me rephrase. "Who happen" is probably the wrong tense, since Cheever has been dead for 24 years (and will most likely remain so for many more). Also, "gay" should perhaps be modified to "bisexual" in Cheever's case. Whatever. It's not overly relevant. I had read Falconer several years ago. In recent days, I have begun reading some of his short stories from the aptly titled The Stories of John Cheever. More on Cheever this weekend.

Completing the gay theme is the film Brokeback Mountain. I purchased a "previously-viewed" (aka used) DVD copy at my local video store for $5.95 last week. Actually, I bought 3 movies for $5.95 each, and got a 4th movie free. Anyway, I just got around to watching Brokeback Mountain on Wednesday. I thought it was pretty damned compelling. It certainly reinforced a belief I have long held. That belief is that when you find the right person for you, and they agree you are the right person for them, you should be together. Simple and naive, I know. But, I'm a simple guy. Doomed to hell, I'm sure...


Blogger Keith Kennedy said...

I belive very firmly in the "right person" theory.

But thinking about snuggling up to a hairy boy just doesn't do it for me and for the life of me I just don't get it.

So maybe there's a place to burn right beside you.

Who knows.

Glad you're feeling better.

9:24 AM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Beth said...

Boy, I loved Capote. Beautifully done. And, of course, PSHoffman is amazing as Capote. Everyone should read In Cold Blood, so y'all take Haahnster up on the suggestion.

And I'm with you on Brokeback. I finally saw it a couple of months ago, and wasn't expecting much, having heard all the backlash from friends. I thoughtit was beautiful, and you're right about the right person.

BTW, I've been doing Hammer's side-to-side as I sing "STOP! Haahnster time." I think you need to YouTube a video of you doing the same. It could be next month's Web rage.

11:50 AM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Old Lady said...

I was hoping the movie would go more into his life, as opposed to his life writing & researching "In Cold Blood"

11:58 AM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger haahnster said...

KK: I don't "get it" either, if "getting it" is defined as being attracted to another man. But, I understand being in love. The fact that one person finds love with another of the same gender seems to do nothing harmful to me as far as I can discern.

Beth: I need to find some really baggy pants, which might require further weight loss on my part!

OL: I, too, would be interested in seeing more of Truman Capote's life, especially if PSH has the role again. His writing of In Cold Blood is generally regarded as a major turning point for Capote. There would almost have to be 2 more films: a prequel to show the rise to stardom, and a sequel to show the descent into drunken self-caricature.

12:45 PM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Dale said...

I agree with all y'all on these points so why aren't we running the world yet?

I haven't read any Cheever though and probably shouldn't say this but I have really no clue about his writing. Something else to look for.

Find the baggy pants.

9:03 PM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger KLee said...

I am woefully behind the times, not having seen either Brokeback or In cold Blood. In my defense, I am a relative shut-in. Plus, I have a ten year old, and we usually end up seeing the kiddie fare. I will take a wild stab in the dark, and say that neither of those above mentioned films are what one would call family fare. :)

I did read In Cold Blood many years ago, and since I love the whole true-crine genre, I loved the book.

11:52 AM, August 12, 2006  

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