Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let's Drink To The Hard-Working People

'Mickboy' has done it again! He (finally!) set his sights on Beggars Banquet, one of the all-time classic Stones albums.

Our friend Keith Kennedy did a nice write-up on the original LP a while back (Click here--you'll need to scroll down to the entry from Friday, October 13, 2006). I'm too lazy to search for any other links right now, and I haven't the time to do a proper write-up of my own, either. So, for now I'll just tell you that the extras are cool. And, in the last 48 hours I've listened to "Salt of the Earth" about 2,467,327 times!!! The acoustic guitar intro, the lead-off vocals from Keef, Mick adding vocals, Nicky Hopkins just pounding the piano keys, Charlie's joining in with drums, the acoustic guitar continuing to be so in-your-face in the mix...BRILLIANT!!! "...Let's drink to the salt of the earth..."


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